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My name is Gracie Giffune

Gracie Giffune is a Director based out of Brooklyn, NY. She grew up in Western Massachusetts with big dreams of working on movie sets after discovering that you can do this, like, as a job, after watching LoTR: the Two Towers with commentary. Her passion lies in directing strong narrative content, knowing that her life experience as a queer, neurodivergent woman lends itself to having a powerful and unique narrative voice.

2021 was an explosively creative year all around, with multiple projects coming to fruition. Grace directed two episodes for the second season of the successful indie web-series Dead-Enders, a show about quirky and unlikely doomsday preppers following a zombie apocalypse. Her short film Bubbling Up, a sweet slice-of-life look at a long-term queer couple, has had four festival acceptances to date, winning the Audience Choice Award from the Queer 2 Queer festival. She'll soon be wrapping up post-production on Continental Drift, a poignant short film exploring how big life changes can affect old friendships.

When Gracie isn’t in the director’s chair, she can be found Gaffing, or as she embarrassingly says, “painting with light”. All in all, it’s her dream to be able to tell stories that suspend disbelief, take people on journeys, and leave audiences feeling like a part of themselves has changed when the credits roll.

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